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The Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey was created by Qdoba Mexican Eats. This survey was created in order to receive consumers’ feedback on the food and services as well as keep track of the customer’s joy and satisfaction. This is an online survey found on the Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey portal i.e. QdobaListens.com



By taking this survey you not only get to inform Qdoba Mexican Eats about the quality of the food, assistance provided by the staff but you even get a little reward as a ‘thank you’ gift from Qdoba. The information that you input helps Qdoba better themselves and become stronger competitors.

The Little Black Book: Today’s Topic – Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey

Qdoba Mexican Eats was established in 1995, by duo Robert Hauserts and Anthony Miller, with an intention to provide healthier alternatives to fast food. Qdoba is a more casual fast-food chain. The menu consists of various mouth-watering dishes like nachos, tortillas, burritos, quesadillas, and tacos for customers to choose from.

With a net worth of more than 305 million dollars, Qdoba is growing and expanding like lightning. Qdoba isn’t just your simple fast-casual food chain, they even provide a catering option for a party of or less than twenty. To show their gratitude towards loyal consumers, Qdoba provides the opportunity of reward programs. Whose winners can later redeem certain items?

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What Your Feedback Means To Qdoba Mexican Eats.

Qdoba is well known within the local community, but even so, they feel a constant need to improve and prosper. Companies like Qdoba know that customers always have some reviews, may it be good or bad, and they wish to listen. Once you leave feedback, Qdoba will then use it to analyze their strategies and improve upon their services, food quality and many other aspects.

Terms and Conditions of the Qdoba Survey

Before you begin the Qdoba Mexican Grill Guest Satisfaction Survey there are certain things you must keep in mind.

  • The receipt will be only valid for the first 3 days.
  • If not cash, the offer will expire within 30 days after the receipt date
  • The survey is limited to only one person, per receipt.
  • Offer Limits itself to only one free item per receipt, per visit.

Remember these specifications to make the most out of the survey. And the next time you visit Qdoba be sure to make multiple receipts, in order to increase your chances of receiving the special prize.

How to Take Qdoba Survey

It isn’t a survey that will test your General Knowledge, do not worry, just simple questions about your visit are asked. In order to take this survey follow the simple steps provided below:

  • Click on QdobaListens.com to begin.
  • You will see a little information regarding the survey. Be sure to read it well, if you can.
  • Next, you will have to enter a 16 digit code, written down in the middle of your receipt. Keep on typing continuously, there is no need to tab over. It will be done automatically.
  • Hit “Start” once you’ve entered the code.
  • You will then come across a questionnaire. But truthful and honest while answering these questions.
  • Be sure to follow the given directions. You may come across multiple-choice questions (where more than one answer is allowed) or text-based questions (where you must input answers in your own words).
  • Once you are done answering all the questions, you will be provided with a validation code. Write this code down as it will get you your special gift.
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And that as all it was that simple to take this survey.

Requirements of the Qdoba Survey

Some basic requirements for taking this survey are:

  • You must have access to the internet.
  • You should be versed in either English or Spanish. Since the survey is only offered in these two languages.
  • You must possess a Qdoba Mexican Eats receipt that contains the code, which will act as your invitation.

Benefits of the Qdoba Survey

By taking this survey you get to contribute to the betterment of a million-dollar franchise. Qdoba will make use of your feedback and reflect upon the services they provide, the training and behavior of their staff, and improving the quality of their food.

If this isn’t rewarding enough, remember the special prize mentioned above? And the code you jotted down? Yes, you can use that validation code to receive a free offer of chips and salsa along with your next purchase of an entrée.

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