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MyBKExperience – The official Burger King Survey, known as “My BK Experience” is an online questionnaire developed by Burger King in order to harvest opinions and reviews out of their loyal customers. Burger King then intends to use this information to improve their brand and become better than before.



One of the most important factors for Burger King is customer satisfaction and they are willing to take as many steps as required to improve upon their existing shortcomings. The My BK Experience contains simple questions about your recent visit and experience of your local Burger King.

What Your Feedback Means to Burger King

A huge brand like Burger King knows that no matter how high a brand reaches its feet must always be on the ground. And to get the ground report, Burger King requests you to be their eyes and ears. By opting for the My BK Experience survey you are entitled to leave your review, opinion, or complaint. Everything is welcome. This will ensure that Burger King knows the real-life situation and can work in the improvement of several aspects like their food quality, service, and assistance provided, training of the staff, leading to an overall advancement of the dining environment.

Terms and Conditions of the Burger King Survey

Burger King is special and so are its specifications. Hence, before you start with the survey there are some things you may want to keep in mind. They are:

  • The coupon is valid only for the first 30 days. So make sure you take the survey within the designated time itself.
  • The survey is only active in certain months. So there will be periods of drought too. Therefore keep an eye out for the availability of My BK Experience Survey.
  • The policy is one receipt one person. That means you cannot use the same code for multiple entries. A better option is to split your order into multiple receipts. So that you can get multiple redeem codes.
  • About the redeem codes, you don’t get to pick whatever item you wish, instead, you are given either a free whopper or a free chicken sandwich. Based on the current policy. There can’t any haggle.
  • You must know either English, Spanish or French since the survey is only available in these three languages.
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How to Take Burger King Survey

To take the “My BK Experience” survey you will have to follow simple guidelines and answer certain questions directed towards your previous visit to the nearest Burger King. They are:

  • First, you will need to get to the official survey portal, which can be found at:
  • After you reach the My BK Experience survey page, you will have to select your preferred language, the default being English.
  • Next, enter the burger king store number in the provided slot.
  • Once completed, you will be provided with questions to answer. Answer the questions honestly and thoroughly. Do not hesitate to either complain or praise. Every review of yours is valuable.
  • Once you are done with answering all the questions, you will be provided with your validation code.
  • You can use this code to redeem your free shopper or free chicken sandwich.

Done! It was that simple. The questionnaire isn’t very difficult and just takes about 5 minutes. You can take this survey while on the ride home. It’s short as well as rewarding. So next time you decide to visit your local Burger King do not forget to check for the availability of the survey.

About Burger King Company

Established in 1953 as “Insta-Burger King”, the present multinational food chain was renamed ” Burger King” in 1954. And that was the birth of the world’s 12th largest fast-food chain, as reported by brand Burger King has been successful in leaving its mark not only in the United States of America but also internationally in various other countries.

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Do not let the name deceive you, Burger King isn’t just the king of burgers but also of many other delicious dishes like chicken, French fries, salads, milkshakes, desserts and counting. With a net worth of 7.1 Billion dollars, more than 17,000 locations, and more than 20,000 employees Burger Kings isn’t your average fast-food brand.

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  1. Love the impossible burger. Was allowed to have even though restricted diet. I was seriously ill and was allowed to have by doctors and nutrition. My fav burger to present. thank you for your foresight.

  2. i did the burger king survey and got my code wh63855 stopped back at burger king store #10689 where the original receipt was from with the code on it and they told me i couldn’t use it at the window and that i had to down load their app and order on there for it to be good. it says to write down the code and return to the store which i did and ordered a sprite and large fry and was told the above. i will never go to another burger king,you offer something and then do everything to get out of it.


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