McDonald’s Customer Support

McDonald’s Customer Support – If you wanna get a detailed knowledge of the nutritional information, any employment-related details, or even a general inquiry, the McDonald’s team would be happy to assist you. 

McDonald's Customer Support

McDonald’s Customer Support

Wanna give feedback about your recent visit to McDonald’s? Express your concern if you weren’t happy with any service and also tell them what you enjoyed the most. For this, fill out the feedback form on their official website. 

  • Mention the restaurant you visited using the restaurant locator or just enter the outlet location.
  • Enter your visit date, time, method of placing the order and how did you pick up your order.
  • Give them your feedback in the text area is not more than 1200 characters.
  • Enter your personal details – full name, email, phone.
  • Lastly, answer yes or no whether you would like the organization to contact you. 
  • Submit the form.

There is a general inquiry form on the website in which you can ask them general questions on any topic of your choice. 

  • Go to the inquiry form after opening the website.
  • Pick a topic of your choice.
  • Tell them what this is about. Clarify to them what is the main purpose of filling the form using the drop-down list 
  • Elaborate it in the given comments area in not more than 1200 characters. 
  • Lastly fill out your personal details – first name, last name, residential address (U.S), Suite, city, state, zip, email, and phone number. 
  • Click on submit. 

You can also get your questions answered regarding the employment services they offer. 

Sometimes, for some reason, people have to use the trademark and logo of McDonald’s in their projects. So, they can inquire about the restaurant directly by filling out the trademark permission form. As these are important resources of the company, they must be used aptly which is why they evaluate each request individually and in-depth. 

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